Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners

A powerful, BAFTA award winning documentary series on the largest state-sponsored pay-out in British history before the banking crisis in 2008.

Taxpayer’s money went straight into the pockets of people who had already profited from a cruel and inhumane business – the transatlantic slave trade.

Historian David Olusoga presents  Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners. The untold stories of Britain’s slave owners. In 1833, Britain emancipated its enslaved people and raised the equivalent of £17bn in compensation money. But that money wasn’t paid to the enslaved people – it was given to Britain’s slave-owners for ‘loss of human property.’

BDH visualised the latest data from ‘The Legacies of British Slave-Ownership‘ (UCL) – a study revealing the addresses where Britain’s slave owners lived.

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