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Countdown To Life

The most exquisite biological choreography found in nature brought to life by BDH.

In the first 280 days of your life, you underwent a remarkable transformation: from just a single cell to over 100 trillion.

Countdown To Life is the story of your metamorphosis as minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour cells had to move and organise, in the process making structures that would become blood and bone; heart and brain. 200 digital effects shots, nine months in the making, from conception to delivery.

A BBC Science Production for BBC2. Video extracts: BAFTA Awards compilation.

The extraordinary making of you.

Winner of a National RTS Award. The judges said “This was a stunning entry, with the success of the whole show entirely dependent on the skill of the Effects team. The textures and liquids they created were so realistic that the jury felt completely immersed, forgetting they weren’t watching a real embryo. An extraordinary piece of work.”

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