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Magritte VR

MAGRITTE VR is a virtual reality journey through the work of one of the world’s greatest and most popular artists.

This VR experience is triggered simultaneously for a shared immersive experience, for an audience of 50 at a time, produced and directed by BDH Immersive.

MAGRITTE VR uses hi-resolution scans of Magritte’s original paintings and 3D modelling to generate an unforgettable ride through the artist’s remarkable work. This virtual reality presentation is made to be viewed in a giant bowler hat, a specially constructed VR cinema installation.

The audience is immersed in a series of authentic landscapes; beach, forest, mountains and sky. MAGRITTE VR celebrates his wit, illusions and the great love for his wife Georgette, his muse and inspiration throughout his life.

Rene Magritte ranks alongside Dalí and Miró as one of the most preeminent surrealist artists. MAGRITTE VR is part of the Magritte Experience event in Belgium acknowledging 50 years since the artists death.

Tickets can be ordered from www.magritteknokke.be

Image © C.H./ADAGP Paris, 2017




Bosch VR for iPad

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Fri 15 January 2016
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