BDH Immersive @VRX San Francisco

BDH Immersive @VRX San Francisco


12 Dec 2017

BDH Immersive @VRX San Francisco

VRX San Fransiscio: The future of immersive content

Creative Director John Durrant hosts a discussion 'The Future of Immersive Content' at the world's leading senior level VR industry event: VRX 2017, San Francisco.

A packed audience heard from a panel of global leaders in VR Content about their perspectives on how VR, AR and MR content will dominate consumer attention in the coming years.

Where are they seeing the most interest and who's looking to use VR as consumer engagement tool? What's working best right now, and what does the future hold? And what's the place of AR and MR is this fast-moving world of immersive content?

Host: John Durrant, Creative Director, BDH IMMERSIVE.


Christine Cattano,
Global Head of VR, FRAMESTORE. Sol Rogers, CEO, REWIND.  Kelly Kandle, VR Executive Producer, MEDIAMONK. Tony Parisi, Global Head of VR/AR, UNITY.

BDH Immersive @VRX San Francisco

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