02 May 2018


Open Your Eyes - Oculus GO trailer

Wonderful You selected as launch title for new Oculus GO headset

BDH are delighted to deliver Wonderful You VR on the newly launched Oculus GO. This new headset is a game-changer for everyone who would like to enjoy the latest experiences in virtual reality. BDH are privileged to be part of the worldwide launch and proud to be there on Day One!

The new standalone GO headset is a perfect way for audiences to immerse themselves in our ground-breaking virtual reality experience inside the womb WONDERFUL YOU VR, (Oculus GO link). The new headset’s ease of use and integrated spatial audio technology gives the user an added dimension.

The award-winning Wonderful You VR (project link), narrated by Academy Award nominee Samantha Morton has been enjoyed at many film festivals around the world in 2018 and is now selected as one of the standout VR projects on the latest virtual reality technology from Oculus, owned by Facebook.

The inexpensive GO headset will also give audiences the opportunity to share experiences in VR. ‘Oculus Rooms’ and ‘Oculus Venues’ will change the way we experience virtual reality together forever.

Wonderful You VR has been selected for screenings at SXSW, Beijing and Cannes Film Festivals in 2018 and is available now on Oculus GO, Oculus Rift and Gear VR headsets

Wonderful You Press pack + Images (Link)

Visit the Wonderful You Microsite here: https://www.wonderfulyouvr.com/


From Oculus

Today, we’re excited to announce that Oculus Go is now available at oculus.com in 23 countries! Break free of the confines of traditional 2D screens with your favorite entertainment, level up your play style from inside the game, and spend quality time hanging out with friends—no matter how far apart you may be. Oculus Go delivers all this and more in a convenient standalone form factor and at an attractive price point that promises to radically change the game for consumer VR.


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