Blue Planet graphics and branding by BDH Creative

Blue Planet graphics and branding by BDH Creative


15 Sep 2017

Blue Planet graphics and branding by BDH Creative

Take a deep breath

BDH's iconic branding launches the epic promotional campaign for Blue Planet 2.

The latest in the series of nature documentary block busters made by Natural History Unit at BBC Studios.

Blue Planet 2 will take viewers on a revelatory and magical journey into the greatest, yet least known part of our planet - our oceans. The seas are by turn tempestuous and serene, exquisitely beautiful and bleakly forbidding, and are the lifeblood of the planet: driving our weather, regulating our climate and ultimately supporting all life on Earth. In recent years, our knowledge of what goes on beneath the waves has been transformed.

By using cutting-edge breakthroughs in science and technology to explore this final frontier, Blue Planet II will reveal the astonishing characters, otherworldly places and extraordinary new animal behaviours. Warm and compelling stories about marine habitats and their characterful inhabitants will build people’s emotional relationship with our oceans and bring a new perspective to this little-known world.

Broadcast in 2001, multi-award winning The Blue Planet was the BBC Studios Natural History Unit’s unprecedented look at the world’s oceans, the scale and breadth of which had never been seen before. Twenty years on, the Blue Planet II team have spent four years mounting 125 expeditions, visited 39 countries, and filmed off every continent and across every ocean.

Link to BBC Media Centre Press Release

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