"a must see"

"a must see"


21 Dec 2017

"a must see"

A short film of people reacting to experiencing WONDERFUL YOU VR in their homes, for the first time. We asked for a photograph of them when they were a baby.

"It's really cheesy but it was magical. I could have stayed and explored. I felt safe and relaxed. The music, the colours, the voice. Just the whole thing, an amazing experience". Sheeta, Paramedic, 27

"It's amazing storytelling. Most of my friends are really curious about life and everything. I think for a curious person this is a must see." Tom, Designer, 35

"Women who don't have children can learn a lot from this" Mabel, Grandmother, 87

"For a lot of dads they struggle to come to terms with becoming a parent. It might help bring on the excitement of what's about to happen" Alice, Midwife, 27

"Is that my hand??" Rosie, Granddaughter, 5

"I just want to call my Mum and say like, thank you!!" Ju, Designer, 25

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