Electric Dreams VR (working title)

Electric Dreams VR (working title)

Electric Dreams VR (working title)

Electric Dreams is the next project that follows BDH’s state-of-the-art virtual reality journey set inside the womb, Wonderful You VR, commissioned by Oculus.

BDH Immersive begins work this month on The Secrets of Brain Health - a pioneering collaboration between BDH Immersive and the University of Bristol in the UK and a breathtaking visualisation project of the inner workings of our brains.

The Secrets of Brain Health integrates the latest scientific discoveries and brain imaging from researchers at the Clinical Research and Imaging Centre (CRICBristol) and data research at the University of Bristol. Part of the University of Bristol’s  launched by Jean Golding Institute, in association with the Bristol VR Lab and We The Curious.

The project will be experienced in both virtual reality headsets and as a 360 planetarium dome presentation.

Director, John Durrant and designer, Steve Bell from BDH are working with Dr. Jade Thai, Dr. Jon Brooks and Dr. Karen Luyt at  the University of Bristol on the project. The academics plan to address challenges in neuroscience and mental health, whilst also telling the story of how the brain develops and matures, and how complex neural networks are formed throughout the human lifespan.

Users in VR will be able to surf vast neural networks, whilst audiences in a planetarium dome will have an immersive tour of the brain, presented by Dr. Jade Thai from the University of Bristol.

The first public screening of the initial stages of the work will be shown at the Jean Golding Institute Data Visualisation Challenge Week at We the Curious, 2nd July 2018.